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The latest project I've been working on is a web application framework I created to fill a very specific niche at the company I work for. Specifically, to create sites with varying templates, content, and presentational elements, but integrated back-ends and "programmed" functionality.

Still in beta, you can find more information at the NiftyPortal home page.

qmail/vpopmail with Final Delivery


Keep an eye on this space for a link to a new qmail/vpopmail mail scanning project called... Final Delivery. In the meantime...

Like everyone else out there who's implimented a qmail/vpopmail solution, I've had to deal with the myriad issues surrounding qmail and DJB's general stubbornness and arrogance. My first solution to the problem of sanely installing this was a complex series of shell scripts which automated the process. Since learning the workings of RPM package creation, I've converted things over to custom RPMS for each of the various components, modified to ways that "make sense" to me. (For example: installing tcpserver and friends into /usr/sbin, installing qmail into /etc/qmail instead of /var/qmail, etc....)

This is still a work-in-progress, but some early RPMS are available here. These are built for Fedora Core 1. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Download the RPMS and SRPMS here.

Random Perl Coding

Like virtually all sysadmins out there, I've written a whopping amount of Perl code designed to automate my job as much as possible. As soon as I clean them up somewhat, I'll post them here.

Stay tuned...

Big Brother client for Mac OS

Download BB Client for Mac OS Big Brother is an open-source UNIX-based distributed network monitoring tool beloved by sysadmins the world over. Part of it's design is in small clients that run on each machine which report back some vital statistics about it (such as open applications and disk space). This is the first port of the BB client to the Mac OS (Prerequisites: Unix Date and NetEvents.) View ReadMe file here.

Older MacOS Software (Applescript-based)

Unfortunately, these projects have lied fallow for quite some time. Fortunately, the usefulness of some of these utilities lowers daily as the number of people moving off of Classic grows.

Download Internet Location Maker Problems creating MacOS 9 internet locations clipping files in the Finder? Any string of the form protocol://host.domain.tld/ should be recognized, but in practice the Finder's URL recognition code isn't that reliable. ILM will create location files directly, allowing you to use the more esoteric protocols easily. (Prerequisite: Akua Sweets — included.)

Download Stuff 'n Crypt Mac OS 9's file encryption utilitites are pretty cool, but you can't encrypt more than one file at once without compressing them. This droplet doesn't change that, but it does make it easier to deal with by taking any number of files, placing them into a folder, stuffing them, and encrypting them automatically. (Prerequisite: StuffIt Commands OSAX.)

Download AFP Bridge This program sits between the Finder and afp:// internet location clippings. It parses any AFP url correctly, while the Finder will simply choke on the more complex ones. To install, set this app to handle afp URLs in the Internet control panel.

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