Japheth Cleaver
San Diego, CA 92112-1534

Cell: (858) 518-5555
Note: Blind calls are screened
Programming samples are available at my very old Rohan software page, GitHub, or SourceForge. If you're allergic to this very old Monster.com layout which people (and Google) still seem to like for some reason, Word and PDF versions are available.

For modern software examples, take a look at Terabithia Xymon RPMS, since that's what I spend a lot of my free time working on. I'm currently available to do moderate amounts of consulting, depending on the project size. Please contact me by email if interested.

Linux System Administrator, Staff Software Engineer, and DevOps or OpsEng Developer

San Diego, California Sysadmin or CTO

Eclectic ISP Unix Sysadmin, Systems Engineer, and Perl/SQL Web Developer

OBJECTIVE Seeking a varied and challenging system and operational engineering position requiring new and creative applications of technology to solve functional problems.

TARGET JOB Target Job Title: Manager / Director of Engineer

Qmail and Vpopmail Linux Cluster

Alternate Target Job Title: Systems Architect
Desired Job Type: Employee, Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status: Full-Time, Part-Time
Site Location: No Preference
Description of my perfect job:
A fast-paced and challenging environment where new solutions are used to solve technical problems. A position where solving puzzles is a reward in itself.
Career Level Senior / Experienced (non-manager)
Date of Availability: Less than 1 month

US US-CA US-CA-Anaheim/Huntington Beach
US-CA-Los Angeles US-CA-Central Coast US-CA-San Diego
US-DC US-CA-Long Beach

WORK STATUS US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

EXPERIENCE 7/2019 - present MariaDB USA San Diego, CA
Principal Systems Engineer
Linux systems engineering and cloud architecture administration on GCP and AWS-based public cloud DBaaS. Participated in initial design from pre-launch, through beta and into full public release of SkySQL during MariaDB IPO. Site Reliability Engineering (US) in follow-the-sun and bridged response on escalated issues, including security operations and IAM review. Jenkins and Argo-focused CI/CD work in four-environment cycle.

8/2018 - 6/2019 Helix / Taos San Diego, CA
Senior Linux Engineer
Linux systems engineering and PostgreSQL performance tuning for DNA sequencing and processing laboratory in mixed EL6/7 and Windows Server environments. DNS re-architecture; monitoring using PRTG, SolarWinds, and SumoLogic endpoints. RedHat Enterprise Linux OS version uplift (5/6 to 7), lifecycle and core IT monitoring.

10/2016 - 6/2018 Awarepoint, Inc San Diego, CA
DevOps Linux Engineer
Lifecycle design for all AWS-hosted Linux clusters, including stateless redeployment and persistent OS stacks, and internal Linux operations and development servers. Salt integration with Amazon EC2 systems deployment. Kafka deployment for internal messaging bus with Kubernetes. Primary engineering responsibility for forward-deployed Linux servers of medical RTLS data to best practices. (OS uplift, SELinux and security auditing, monitoring, lifecycle). Architecture of CI build systems for 3-tier java stack deployments, reimplementing existing RPM design with best practices for RHEL 6 and Apache Tomcat/Spring deploy.

1/2016 - 10/2016 San Diego, CA
Contract Assignment
Senior Linux Engineer (WWT, Inc) with Intuit
Lead System Engineer (VACO), with FICO
Lead Linux System Administrator (Insight Global), with HD Supply

10/2015 - 12/2015 Everyone Counts, Inc San Diego, CA
Senior Systems Engineer
Linux systems design for standard three tier web stack on site-deployed voting systems. Architectural support for third-party auditing of live voting systems. Chef config management and ELK (Elastic, LogStash, Kibana) use for CI pipeline.

9/2011 - 9/2015 ServiceNow San Diego, CA
Staff Software Engineer / Senior Systems Engineer
Architect and developer on the core Xymon monitoring platform, providing a unified raw data stream for 100K+ CI objects consumed by various downstream systems, including the Alerting, Business Intelligence, and Big Data platforms. Platform integration work with internal and external instances of the SN application. Drove cross-operational team collaboration on a variety of maintenance and technical initiatives, bridging SRE, OpsEng, SysEng, and Platform Development orgs. RPM packaging, scripting, and automation for RHEL/CentOS deployment images. Rotated/continual 24/7 on-call support.

6/2011 - 9/2011 Palantir Technologies Palo Alto, CA
Unix Systems Engineer
VMware maintenance and deployment on Dell hardware. Forward-deployed Linux installations for on-site government and financial data analysis software clusters. Performance monitoring and metrics for CI build systems.

11/2008 - 5/2011 Sony Online Entertainment San Diego, CA
Unix System Administrator
Internal development, deployment, and management of a 4,000+ server network across 8 data centers for a large online gaming corporation. VMWare and Xen P-to-V consolidation, RedHat-focused deployment using cobbler, kickstart, and other technologies in a team environemtn. Network monitoring and cross-departmental integration of disparate host accounting systems. Includes continual work with general system admin duties as well (eg, re-deployment of mail and DNS services).

8/2003 - 11/2008 RedWire Broadband/Airband Communications San Diego, CA
Senior System Administrator
Product development and administration of managed services, dedicated servers, and hosting platforms. Includes general system administration of existing corporate infrastructure and deployment of clustered, high-availability Linux platforms for internal and customer use; designing and implementing custom billing and provisioning software to replace legacy systems; and creation of multi-Terabyte Linux RAID SANs and distributed qmail/Vpopmail clusters. 24/7 on-call.

1/2000 - 8/2003 Internet Express, Inc. San Diego, CA
Chief Engineer/System Administrator
Planning and implementation of new products and services at a medium-sized regional ISP. Included revenue forecasting and other marketing issues, along with provisioning and designing all Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, and IIS servers; general support of collocation customers; design of custom Linux clustering or high-availability systems; administration of several websites using XHTML, mod_perl, fast_cgi, SpeedyCGI, and MySQL back-ends; and custom Perl and shell scripting for Big Brother monitoring and RODOPI billing systems. 24/7 on-call.

9/1999 - 7/2000 San Diego State University - College of Education San Diego, CA
Technology Coach
Personalized training and consulting for faculty (both on and off-site). This involved supporting a diverse LAN of 150+ Mac and NT 4 office workstations on-site with AppleShare, Mac OS X Server, and NT servers. I also designed Macintosh support system images and dealt with mixed EtherTalk/Localtalk bridging.

1/1998 - 6/2001 San Diego State University San Diego, CA
Student Consultant/Lab Assistant
I was the primary Macintosh admin and script designer in a 200+-unit heterogeneous Mac/PC environment. This included extensive AppleScript automation and developing a MacOS client for the Big Brother network monitoring system. In addition, I administered AppleShare IP, Linux, and Novell 4.x servers with additional experience on BSD, NT, and Solaris systems; maintained mixed AppleTalk and TCP/IP networks over Ethernet; and administered LAN DHCP servers. This also included general user-level coaching and assistance at the student computing help desk (Solaris accounts, Office/Internet apps, HTML, SQL).

EDUCATION 5/1996 San Diego High School US-CA-San Diego
High School or equivalent
International Baccalaureate student; received HL in English and Mathematics, SL in Economics and History. Graduated GSE H.H., SAT 1510.

San Diego State University US-CA-San Diego
Bachelor of Arts
Philosophy; Political Science

AFFILIATIONS 12/1996 - 5/2011 Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma Vice-President, Parliamentarian, Delegate

Xymon, Perl, Bash, Shell, syslog, Jenkins, Cobbler, Kickstart, SELinux, Java, Spring, VMWare, CI/CD, HyperV, Big Brother, Citrix, Xen, RPM, CPAN, CentOS, PRTG, Kafka, RedHat Enterprise Linux, RHEL, Red Hat Linux, Fedora, Yum, SumoLogic, RedHat Kickstart, Catalyst, TCP/IP, XFS, qmail, vpopmail, ELK Stack, Apache, bind, Kafka, Tomcat, Puppet, postfix, Courier-IMAP, dovecot, memcached, SNMP, Salt, DJBDNS, RabbitMQ, Hobbit, Cacti, Zenoss, CFengine, Puppet, HA Heartbeat, Ansible, Pacemaker, Subversion, GIT, MySQL

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Programming samples available upon request.